The Disorderly House – about the author

  • or, about me.

I write about the 17th century.

I have five cats, one of whom has a reproachful look and a habit of flatulence.

This is the blog for the new series, which may (or may not) be called The Drowned Books. Also known as Hapless Pulls It Off, or the Caliban Capers, or Is She Really Going Out With Him??

Book 1 is set in 1665. It’s funny, bloody, and rather sexy, and it involves most of the poets, playwrights and mistresses you’ve heard of from Restoration London. (In a purely tangential capacity, you understand – Russell.)

If the world of poetry, theatre, plague and arson doesn’t appeal, however, and you want to get hard and heavy with my troop of Ironsides, you need to apply this window.