Red Horse: 1642

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Summer 1642

As the simmering feud between Charles I and his Parliament erupts into war, Captain Hollie Babbitt sets foot on English soil for the first time in twenty years…

An erratically-brilliant mercenary career in Europe lost him everything, and now he fights because it’s the only thing he still knows how to do – and in the hope of one day finding peace on the point of another man’s sword.

He needs an idealistic young subaltern who wants to save the world, and a cobbled-together troop of every rebel and horse thief the Army of Parliament doesn’t have a use for, slightly less than he wants a hole in the head.

But as England plunges into the chaos of a war without an enemy, he finds himself cast as unwilling hero to a company of men as damaged and rebellious as he is himself.

And as battle rages around him, Hollie must face and defeat his oldest enemy – his own past.