Ann Fanshawe: Memoire of Love

Ann Fanshawe: Memoire of Love

A wonderful woman!

Cryssa Bazos

I am a romantic at heart and can’t resist a good love story. Combine this with the 17th Century and this girl becomes putty.

One of my favourite couples is Ann and Richard Fanshawe. There were perfectly devoted to each other and their relationship was the stuff of romance.

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Journaling became fashionable during the 17th century. Well-known diarists, such as Samuel Pepys, and John Evelyn documented the affairs of the day, but the memoirs of Ann Fanshawe are a charming testimony of her love for her husband, Richard Fanshawe. She wrote it for her only surviving son, Richard, who was only ten months old when his father died. Ann wanted him to know the character…

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